Ken Okuyama, the iconic supercar designer of Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte, is now more known for his own line of Supercar Kode 0 and Kode 57.

It is not surprising how his Eyewear line, KEN OKUYAMA EYES combines eyewear design and automobile engineering so seamlessly together. It has every bit of that sharp, masculine DNA he’s become known for. 

Every piece is produced by intricate processes, made possible by experienced japanese craftsmanship in Tsubame city and the high manufacturing technology of Sabae city. 

These frames are structured with a solid block titanium front – for robust strength and durability. Combined with beta-titanium at the temples of the frame – a titanium alloy renowned for high strength and comfort for the user.

The iconic triangle visual identity is a truss-like structure which reflects the image of buildings and car parts. It serves as a frame stability optimiser, cleverly minimising weight concentration without compromising strength.

Some of the models that feature the truss formation are KO-223, KO-226 and KO-221. 

The temple tip’s unique round shape, often identified by the iconic ‘Ferrari Red’ color, shifts the center of gravity backward. They are specially designed for a balanced weight distribution of the frame for the wearer’s comfort.

The hinges of the frames are held together by Torx screws, characterised by a 6-point star-shaped pattern. They provide excellent torque transfer and anti-twisting properties compared to regular screws. Servicing the frame requires a specified Torx screwdriver. 

Ken Okuyama EYES also boasts a Supreme 18K Solid Gold collection, highlighting the epitome of Luxury in Eyewear. They are made-to-order and take up to 2-4 months for production in Japan. 

One of the latest models,  KO-111 features a double bridge with dual tone design, giving depth to the silhouette of the design and shouting KEN OKUYAMA EYES right away. The assembly of the high brow bar and eye rims are the results of high precision manufacturing and puts the production accuracy to test. 

Eye Theory is one of the few retailers, and has the biggest Ken Okuyama Eyes collection in Singapore. Appointments are required to view the collection. 

Price range starts from $1,496.