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Welcome to Eye Theory

Due to the COVID-19 enhanced safe distancing measures, appointments from 11am to 9pm are appreciated. Please call Kallang Leisure Park @ 6344 6656 & Zhongshan Mall @ 6339 1565.



From handpicking bespoke frames to adjusting your frame for the most comfortable fit, we are proud of what we do and uphold a high quality of service throughout your experience with Eye Theory.



We believe that the little things matter. We take care of the smallest details for you to ensure the best eye wear wearing comfort, so that correcting your vision is a breeze for you.


Welcome to Eye Theory

Due to the COVID-19 enhanced safe distancing measures, appointments from 11am to 9pm are appreciated. Please call Kallang Leisure Park @ 6344 6656 & Zhongshan Mall @ 6339 1565.


Our Unique Selling Point


Professional Services

With an average staff experience of 18 years, our optometrists and senior opticians are well-equipped to recommend the best solutions for your vision needs.


Wide Product Range

There are more than 1000 frames for you to choose from, and we carry all major brands of contact lenses with a well-stocked supply ready for purchase.


Competitive and Affordable Prices

Eye Theory's eyewear is available at various price ranges and all eyewear products are priced reasonably with no hidden costs.

Latest From Our Articles

Kame ManNen

October 31, 2022

Kame ManNen 万年龟, as the name suggests, ‘Kame’ meaning turtle and ‘Man Nen’ meaning thousand years, the eyewear is produced with durability and longevity in mind. This was the strong aspiration of the founder Kikujiro Kimura. This brand started making eyewear in Japan, Fukui since 1917, with more than 100 years of heritage, it is…

How to clean your glasses?

October 21, 2022

1. How to clean your glasses thoroughly (get rids of oil and smudges too!) Run a gentle stream of tap water over your glasses to rinse the glasses thoroughly  Pro tip: Hot water is bad for lenses, protective coatings, and the frame, so be sure to use room-temperature water Using the potion of lotion-free dish…

How to recycle your contact lenses?

June 23, 2022

How to recycle your contact lenses? Are you a user of contact lenses? Always wondered what you can do to be more eco-friendly? Collective individual efforts can make a big difference to our fragile environment. Here are some tips to start your sustainable journey!    Recycling  To understand how and what can be recycled, we’ll…

The Representation of “Handmade in Japan”

February 7, 2022

The Representation of “Handmade in Japan” The Japanese eyewear tradition was born more than a century ago in Sabae, Fukui, Japan. There, you will be able to find a rich heritage of eyewear craftsmanship within the scenic city. Modern-day craftsmen in Sabae inherit the knowledge and skills passed on to them by their predecessors, and…

Impact of Home Based Learning (HBL) on Children and Myopia

September 22, 2021

Home Based Learning (HBL) and Myopia It has been more than a year since the Home-based learning (HBL) was implemented. Over this period, we have seen more children with faster myopia progression rate anecdotally. While searching for research papers to support my view, many experts around the world expressed caution about the potential risk for…

Ken Okuyama Eyewear Collection Exclusively in Singapore

July 13, 2021

Ken Okuyama, the iconic supercar designer of Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte, is now more known for his own line of Supercar Kode 0 and Kode 57. It is not surprising how his Eyewear line, KEN OKUYAMA EYES combines eyewear design and automobile engineering so seamlessly together. It has every bit of that sharp, masculine…

What you need to know about Blue Light and how it affects you.

August 13, 2020

We have a body clock called the Circadian Rhythm that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Blue Light plays an important role in synchronizing this system. Exposure to Blue Light from the sun during the day suppresses the release of a hormone called Melatonin which puts you into a state of quiet wakefulness that helps promote sleep2.…

Eye for that “Pimple”

December 3, 2018

  Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from popping a pimple – Especially the swollen, distracting ones that are impossible to ignore. But should you touch that “pimple” on your eyelid? Such pimples on the eyelids, are known as stye or hordeolum. Styes usually form at or near the lash line when oil, dead skin…

Get Out-doors

April 19, 2018

  Whether its picking flower petals or flying a kite, outdoor play benefits children physically and mentally. Kids who spend more time doing outdoor activities have a lower risk of getting myopia. 2 groups of children of different recess routine, one group with normal routine while the other with outdoors activities, were studied. It was…

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