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Based on years of experience and evidence-based studies, it translated into easy to digest written articles by us. Find out more ineptly about the different brand of Handcrafted Eyewear, Eye Health tips and more.

The Representation of “Handmade in Japan”

The Representation of “Handmade in Japan” The Japanese eyewear tradition was born more than a century ago in Sabae, Fukui, Japan. There, you will be able to find a rich heritage of eyewear craftsmanship

Impact of Home-Based Learning (HBL) on Children and Myopia

Home-Based Learning (HBL) and Myopia It has been more than a year since Home-based learning (HBL) was implemented. Over this period, we have seen more children with faster myopia.

Ken Okuyama Eyewear Collection Exclusively in Singapore

Ken Okuyama, the iconic supercar designer of Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte, is now more known for his own line of Supercar Kode 0 and Kode 57. It is not surprising how…

What you need to know about Blue Light and how it affects you

We have a body clock called the Circadian Rhythm that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Blue Light plays an important role in synchronizing this system. Exposure to Blue Light from…

Eye for that “Pimple”

Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from popping a pimple Especially the swollen, distracting ones that are impossible to ignore. But should you touch that “pimple” on your eyelid? Such pimples on the eyelids are known as style or hordeolum. Styles…



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