1. How to clean your glasses thoroughly (get rids of oil and smudges too!)

  • Run a gentle stream of tap water over your glasses to rinse the glasses thoroughly 

Pro tip: Hot water is bad for lenses, protective coatings, and the frame, so be sure to use room-temperature water

  • Using the potion of lotion-free dish soap, dilute and lather onto each side of the lens, around the frame, and down each earpiece.
  • Hold the glasses under running water again to rinse away soap suds. Make sure you’ve washed away all traces of soap, as any remaining residue will cause smudges.
  • Shake off excess water and make sure your lenses are clean. 
  • While holding onto the bridge of the glasses with one hand, make soft circular motions with your fingertips on the other to wipe dry your glasses with a good quality microfibre cloth

Pro tip: Do not let glasses air dry as it will leave water stains on the glasses. 


2. Bring it to the professionals

  • You can treat your glasses occasionally to a glamming session by bringing them to us! The ultrasonic cleaners use pulses of vibration and are the gentlest and most effective way of removing dirt even in the smaller gaps that your fingers can’t reach.  


3. Fast cleaning — On the go

  • If you are on the go, opt for zeiss lens wipes! Disposable pre-moistened wipes cleans bacteria and germs without leaving streaks on your glasses.

Pro tip: if the wipes are still moist after wiping down your glasses, it can be used for cleaning your digital gadgets too!