Kame ManNen 万年龟, as the name suggests, ‘Kame’ means turtle and ‘Man Nen’ means thousand years, the eyewear is produced with durability and longevity in mind.

This was the strong aspiration of the founder Kikujiro Kimura. This brand started making eyewear in Japan, Fukui since 1917, with more than 100 years of heritage, it is said to be one of the oldest eyewear brands in Japan. 

The pear-shaped curved nose pads of Kame ManNen are definitely a unique feature of the brand. Conventional nose pads are fixed on with screws and may be cumbersome to change and maintain. The brand presents two solder joints to the middle bridge, not only does it give a perfect Asian fit with larger contact area for weight distribution on the nose, it adds simplicity and beauty to the eyewear. 

KameManNen uses high-quality materials such as titanium, and impeccable craftsmanship in the manufacture of the eyewear, calculated carefully and constructed with sub-millimetre accuracy. This can be seen in the intricate laser engraving of the turtle-shaped patterns on the titanium rims. They use high industry standards of ion-plating for the surface treatment that is very labor intensive but provides highly durable finishes. That might be the reason why the Kame ManNen collection consists of little vibrant or loud colors. Pursuit of the highest quality possible that can be achieved, without compromising is the very essence of KameManNen and the identity of the brand.

Kame Mannen frames are also the salvation for people with high degrees for a few reasons. A combination of the rounded small frame size and thick side rims, significantly reduces the visible lens thickness and the weight of the glasses. Kame Mannen produces frame sizes as small as 43mm, with rounded shapes that are known to effectively reduce uneven thickness on lens edges compared to squared or odd shaped glasses. Lastly, the enhanced thick rims at the side of the frame covers a significant amount of lens thickness. 

Besides the classic Titanium collection, Kame Mannen has incorporated Acetate for a modern take to their vintage designs. It introduced interesting colors to the Kame Mannen collection. The transparency and shine of these beautiful acetates are made possible by masterful polishing craftsmanship. 

KM11-13 features a combination of a thin acetate rim, framed by titanium casing. It is definitely a perfectly delicate pair for the modern minimalist.

Eye Theory is one of the few retailers of Kame Mannen eyewear collection in Singapore.

Appointments are required to view the collection.
Frame price starts from $590

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