Take control before it’s too late and help your child see life in its best quality.

Genetics play an important role in influencing the likelihood of Myopia.

Risk (%)

One parent with Myopia

Both parents with Myopia

No parents with Myopia




Children whose parents have Myopia themselves are more prone to suffering from it too.


Did you know? 9 in 10 Asians develop Myopia before the age of 20.

Asians are more susceptible to Myopia than any other ethnicity!


Habits and environment matter, too.

Children who do a higher amount of near work and participate less in outdoor activities are more susceptible to Myopia.

Our Myopia Control Solutions

Myopia can be managed in children to prevent a rapid increase in their degree.
Slow down myopia progression in effective, safe and non-invasive ways with us.

To help you make the best decision for your child, we will discuss all the types of treatments available during the consultation, including those that require a referral to an eye specialist.

- Specialised contact lenses to allow comfortable vision all day for active children, without the need for spectacles

- Two types available for daytime or nighttime use

- Both made for easy wear and to slow down the progression of myopia

- Specially made to combat myopia progression

- Perfect for those uncomfortable with putting on contact lenses

Specialised Spectacle Lenses

Contact Lenses

We will contact you shortly to schedule an appointment date.

 Children’s eye test* will screen for lazy eye, colour vision, eye coordination, depth perception and others.

Makes sports and daily activities easier

Lowers risk of future eye diseases

Non-invasive treatment to achieve better eyesight

See life in its best quality, book an eye test today!

Why does your child need Myopia Control?

*Free with any eyewear purchased. Eye test will be charged at promotional price of $25 (U.P. $60) if no eyewear is required. To enjoy this promotion, please make an appointment in advance by filling in the form above, or call us at your preferred outlet. Myopia control best suited for children from 5-16 years old.

Flitcroft Di. The complex interactions of retinal, optical and environmental factors in myopia aetiology. Prog Retin Eye Res 2012;31:622-660



Rudnicka AR, Kapetanakis VV, Wathern AK, et al. Global variations and time trends in the prevalence of childhood myopia, a systematic review and quantitative meta-analysis: implications for aetiology and early prevention. Br J Ophthalmol. 2016;100:882–890.


MEW-MAY WU M, Edwards MH. The effects of having myopic parents: An analysis of myopia in three generations. Optometry and Vision Science 1999;76(6):387-392

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