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What you need to know about Blue Light and how it affects you.

We have a body clock called the Circadian Rhythm that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Blue Light plays an important role in synchronizing this system. Exposure to Blue Light from the sun during the day suppresses the release of a hormone called Melatonin which puts you into a state of quiet wakefulness that helps promote sleep2.…

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Eye for that “Pimple”

  Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from popping a pimple – Especially the swollen, distracting ones that are impossible to ignore. But should you touch that “pimple” on your eyelid? Such pimples on the eyelids, are known as stye or hordeolum. Styes usually form at or near the lash line when oil, dead skin…

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Get Out-doors

  Whether its picking flower petals or flying a kite, outdoor play benefits children physically and mentally. Kids who spend more time doing outdoor activities have a lower risk of getting myopia. 2 groups of children of different recess routine, one group with normal routine while the other with outdoors activities, were studied. It was…

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