Imagine a group of skilled artisans coming together – an artist, an optician, die makers, a silversmith, a tailor, a designer, and a florist, all driven by a shared passion to create something extraordinary not only for themselves but also for those who appreciate their craft. This is the inspiring genesis of Say oH eyewear, a brand that embarked on a journey to redefine eyewear in a unique way.

One of their recent collections that truly stands out is their innovative use of Damascus steel in crafting eyewear. Historically, Damascus steel was renowned for its durability, and the mesmerizing water-like patterns were merely a delightful byproduct. However, today’s artisans have taken this ancient art to new heights, perfecting these intricate patterns and enhancing the steel’s strength, all thanks to technological advancements and the discovery of novel metal elements.

The term ‘Damascus’ derives from the word ‘damas,’ which means ‘watered’ – a reference to the captivating water-pattern on the surface of Damascus blades.

The creators at Say oH eyewear are on a quest for something exceptional and distinctive in their eyewear designs. By incorporating the captivating Damascus pattern, they aim to imbue their creations with a daring and unconventional flair. A glance at their designs reveals their departure from the ordinary. By seamlessly melding Parisian style with Japanese craftsmanship, they offer eyewear that is truly exceptional and bound to make you stand out in the crowd.

Craftsmanship is at the core of their design philosophy. The thickness of the Damascus steel used is meticulously calculated and fine-tuned to make it as thin as possible while retaining the steel’s inherent strength. Weight is a critical consideration for eyewear, and if the material is too thick, it becomes impractical. However, Say oH’s careful calculations ensure that the weight of their Damascus steel frames is balanced and comfortable on your face. By distributing the weight to the side temples, their eyewear achieves an uncommon equilibrium. Even when fitted with thick, high-degree lenses, the weight remains inconspicuous. Additionally, the smaller lens size of their eyewear makes it an ideal choice for individuals with high prescription needs.

The incorporation of new materials is pushing the boundaries of the eyewear industry, and Damascus steel is just one example. With a team of talented craftspeople at their helm, Say oH eyewear continues to innovate and redefine the very essence of eyewear. Their commitment to pushing the limits of eyewear design leaves us eagerly anticipating what they will unveil next, making us all exclaim, “Say oH.”