Travelling Essentials

Contact Lens Wearers: The 4 Essentials on a Trip

1. Daily disposable lenses

– No solution required
[take up less baggage space and avoid problems with airport liquid volume restriction]
– Choose lenses with UV protection
– Bring extra pairs

2. Unidose eyedrops

– Especially in cold or windy countries
– Drip and throw

Travel light and travel back lighter – Just use and dispose!

Key Tip!
In sub-zero temperatures, bring insulation packs to prevent freezing of eye drops and contact lenses in solution

[Did you know? About half of contact lenses’ content is made up of H2O]

3. Glasses

– Your daily essential
– Great for unexpected late nights or in the plane where the air is dry
(Sleeping with contact lenses deprives your cornea of oxygen, causing infections, red eye, and other serious eye problems)

4. Accessories

– Sunglasses and Caps protect your eyes from sunlight, sand and wind

(Sunglasses – The bigger the better! Coverage is key.)

(A cap provides coverage from the top, protecting your eyes in high UV areas)