Before Gold & Wood products become Eyepieces, they are the noble materials in their raw form: The Gold, The Wood and The Buffalo horn. Only by the patient hand craftsmanship in the Gold & Wood atelier do these materials transform into Eyepieces.

The workmanship is an art that many envy, and some try to imitate, but none has succeeded in matching. Entirely handcrafted with traditional artistry in our own workshops, they are the result of the talent and dexterity of seasoned craftsmen. Apart from this skill, their workmanship is inspected at each stage in the production process – from shape cutting, varnish sanding to perfect the comfort of the temples, right through to the polishing that shows the material in all its splendour. The work combines delicacy and strength in perfect balance, when the fronts and other metal parts as well as the lenses are added. The metal parts are made from high-quality alloys and the fronts are carefully machined according to a design developed to create the most harmonious frames.

Never shy of receiving awards, Gold & Wood Eyepieces have been awarded for the best craftsmanship, design and lifestyle creation in Courchevel this year. No wonder many famous celebrities and successful politicians are using them!

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MARKUS T - behind this name lies the designer, Markus Temming. He has been designing exclusive eyewear using intelligent technical constructions since 1999. All eyewear by MARKUS T are designed without screws: because screws are maintenance-intensive.

Following the age-old tradition of German engineering, a pair of glasses by MARKUS T is a quality product did is 100% Hand Made in Germany.

MARKUS T had won numerous awards from Red dot design replica watches award to IOFT design award in Japan. From 2002 to 2014, MARKUS T never fails to bag in an award every year.

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Mr Ken Okuyama, a famous industrial designer who designed the world top car brands, Ferrari and Maserati, devoted the design of eyewear for two years.

He created the Enzo Ferrari, Maserati Quattroporte, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Ferrari California and many other vehicles still on the road, and participated in the developments of the new generation Porsche. He is also one of the jury in the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013.

“Modern, Simple and Timeless” are the design philosophy of KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN. A true masterpiece of what an eyewear can be.

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